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Emerald Necklace MGEmerald Necklace MG Register

The Emerald Necklace MG Register (ENMGR) was established in 1980 as a northern Ohio register for all MG automobiles. This register operates to promote the enjoyment, preservation, and restoration of the MG automobile.

Big Bend MG
Big Bend MG's

Cambridge and District MGOCCambridge and District MGOC



Capitol City MG ClubCapitol City MG Club



Chicagoland MG ClubChicagoland MG Club



The Delaware Valley Classic MG ChapterThe Delaware Valley Classic MG Club

The DVC is an all MG club…From Pre-War to MGF. Especially the T-Series, MG-A, MG-B, MG-C, and Midgets…We are looking for people who like to drive their cars and have a good time!

Florida Suncoast MG Car ClubFlorida Suncoast MG Car Club

One of the largest MG car clubs in the Southeast United States. Our members include owners of MG's for everyday transportation, show car collectors, professional mechanics, and auto enthusiasts interested in preserving classic cars as a part of our social and industrial heritage.

Kansas City MG Car ClubKansas City MG Car Club

The Kansas City MG Car Club was established in 1982. It has since grown into one of the largest single marquee British car clubs in the Midwest. Membership is not limited to MGs only. You just have to be a British Car enthusiast.

The MG Car ClubThe MG Car Club

The original club for MG owners, founded in 1930.  A not-for-profit organisation, based in Abingdon. Run by members for members.

MG Car Club Central Jersey CentreMG Car Club Central Jersey Centre

The MG Car Club, Central Jersey Centre, Inc. was founded in 1962 to further the interest in the MG marque. Ownership of an MG is not a condition of membership in our Club. We welcome visitors and look forward to your inquiries.

MG Car Club Washington DC CentreMG Car Club Washington DC Centre

"Dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of MG's and the MG Marque."  Established in 1951, the MG Car Club, Washington, D.c>, is a participating Centre of the MG Car Club of England, and is an affiliated member of The MG Owner's Club of England.


MG Cars Enthusiasts' ClubMG Cars Enthusiasts' Club

The MG website and car club for MG Enthusiasts world wide.  "Safety Fast!"

NAMGAR - North American MGA RegisterNAMGAR - North American MGA Register

We're devoted to the restoration, preservation, and enjoyment of the MGA, Magnette and variants.

NAMGBR - North American MGB RegisterNAMGBR - North American MGB Register

Established in 1990 to serve the needs of the MGB, MG Midget, MG 1100/1300 and post Abingdon MG owners in the US and Canada. The club is run by the membership and officers are elected bi-annually by the chapters.

North Alabama British Motoring SocietyNorth Alabama British Motoring Society

Founded in 1985 for local British car enthusiasts to get together and support each other. Since then, the club has grown steadily and now boasts over 80 members in Northern Alabama and southern Middle Tennessee.

Southern Alabama British Car ClubSouthern Alabama British Car Club

We are a group of British car enthusiasts on the Alabama Gulf Coast. Our club activities include driving tours, rallies, tech sessions and shows. Ownership of a British car is not a requirement for membership, but your interest and enthusiasm is!

Southern California MG ClubSouthern California MG Club

We Are Dedicated to The MG Driver and Enthusiast.

Texas MG RegisterTexas MG Register

The Texas MG Register is primarily dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of MG cars. Membership is open and enouraged for anyone interested in any model of MG.

Scions of LucasScions of Lucas

Your gateway to the world of British Cars of all types! If you have an interest in anything to do with British cars, this is the place to find out about e-mail lists, clubs, parts sources, tech information, events, or just other people who share your interests. Site contributions are made by folks all over the world, who work on and drive their LBC's.