# 148876 Smiths Voltage Stabilizer, Negative Ground -REBUILT-

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# 148876 Smiths negative ground voltage stabilizer, professionally engineered and rebuilt for improved reliability when compared to reproduction units currently available through most major distributors.   

This +10-volt analog voltage stabilizer is designed to directly replace the original electromechanical voltage stabilizer, offering solid-state dependability and accuracy to your British car. 


- This unit is a drop-in replacement with all electrical and mechanical connections in the same relative position as the original equipment. 

- The solid-state regulator used is designed for use in the automotive environment. 

- Reverse polarity protection.

- Withstands current surges occasionally encountered during battery jumps. 


Input voltage: 11.5-15 volts DC

Output voltage: 9.90-10.00 volts DC